August 14, 2020

AMVAC Wins Top National Award for SIMPAS Display

On August 11, AMVAC® learned it had earned the prestigious “Best of Show – Exhibits” award from the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) for its display of SIMPAS™ technology at the 2019 Commodity Classic trade show and conference.

Commodity Classic, organized jointly by the National Corn Growers Association and the American Soybean Association, is one of the largest gatherings of farmers in the United States.

The NAMA award, however, is not simply for the best exhibit at the Commodity Classic event. The SIMPAS exhibit was chosen as best among all the NAMA farm show exhibit entrants for the entire year. National finalist competitors for the top award included Bayer, Corteva, John Deere, and Syngenta. The NAMA competition is judged by a panel that consists of industry marketing and creative agency personnel. 

AMVAC’s SIMPAS display – created by partner agency Archer Malmo – was designed to generate interest and build awareness for AMVAC’s coming SIMPAS product launch. The display featured bold graphics, compelling video, and strikingly lighted replicas of the SIMPAS system’s innovative and easy-to-use SmartCartridge™ crop input delivery system using RFID tags.

Many Commodity Classic attendees and media representatives remarked favorably about the display and the SIMPAS system overall, including one who simply said: “This is some really cool technology.”

SIMPAS beta-trialed successfully at a limited number of locations in the U.S. in 2020 and will have a full launch in 2021.