American Vanguard is managed under the direction of the Board of Directors, whose purpose is to maximize long-term economic value for our stockholders by responsibly addressing the concerns of our employees, business partners, the communities and governments where American Vanguard has operations and does business, and the public at large. In fulfilling its duties, the Board and its committees oversee the corporate governance of American Vanguard, oversee and advise management in developing our financial and business goals, oversee our public disclosures and the processes behind them, and evaluate management's performance in pursuing and achieving those goals.

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• Articles of Incorporation
• Bylaws
• Audit Committee Charter
• Stockholder Nomination
• Code of Conduct and Ethics 
• Ethics
• Compensation Committee Charter
• Employee Complaint Procedures for Accounting and Auditing Matters
• Finance Committee Charter 
• Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee Charter
• Insider Trading Policy
• Corporate Governance Guidelines
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