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ESG at American Vanguard

Corporate Sustainability Report, 2021 Update
At the center of our Environmental, Social Responsibility and Governance commitment is the principle of Sustainable Agriculture. While this concept has been used by many to mean many things, we have given it a very clear meaning. In our parlance, Sustainable Agriculture is broad enough to encompass a comprehensive ESG and Sustainability program, but clear enough to give us direction in our outlook and purpose in our activities. 
With this 2021 update to our 2017/2018 Corporate Sustainability Report, we define and detail this commitment to Sustainable Agriculture and the three pillars of climate equity, environmental equity, and food equity.  We also report on our progress with our sustainability initiatives and provide a 2018 – 2020 update of operational and environmental metrics. Future updates will include additional reporting of our international business and further disclosures of ESG projects, targets and goals.  
March 2022