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< American Vanguard Sustainability Report

This report contains operational data and information about sustainability initiatives at American Vanguard Corporation and its subsidy AMVAC Chemical Corporation. In preparing this report and our sustainability strategy, we gathered feedback from a variety of internal and external stakeholders and will continue to expand this communication to reflect the greatest relevance and interests of our target audiences.
Operational data in this report was compiled from AMVAC’s manufacturing and formulating facilities in the U.S. Data was compiled from various internal sources based on direct measurement and/or service provider information for January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2017. Data integrity and reliability is maintained through a periodic review of the systems used to collect the information and we make continual efforts to improve the quality of data, i.e. striving for measured data rather than estimated.

We intend to update this report frequently, as we implement new initiatives, expand existing programs and update performance indicators. Future reporting will include metrics to better measure our growing operations, such as our domestic and global supply chain and our international subsidiaries. Future reporting will more closely align to the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and other widely accepted and recognized organizations. We will also reevaluate third-party independent verification for future reports.

We welcome your feedback on this report. Please send your questions and comments to:
Kelly Willmott, Director, Environment Safety & Health at

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