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Sustainability in agriculture is a key part of AMVAC’s vision and success and is rooted in a commitment to protect the health and safety of our communities, customers, and employees. Sound processes, collaboration, and communication are the foundation of our robust safety and health programs.  

We strive to maintain a culture of individual responsibility for maintaining a workplace free of injury or illness so all employees are invested in a shared vision of employee health and safety.

“We embrace a “Safety-First” culture at all levels of our organization.”

Following a continuous improvement process that is customized to each of our U.S. manufacturing and formulating facilities, our safety professionals provide process and policy support, perform regular safety inspections, and measure and monitor success. We provide a comprehensive training program to ensure employees recognize hazards specific to their job responsibilities and ensure employees are prepared to perform their jobs safely. On-the-job and monthly safety training is provided on a variety of safety topics to further ensure employees can demonstrate safe work practices. We are continually reviewing and improving our safety policies, procedures, and training materials and methods. 

In the event of any on-the-job injury, we conduct a thorough root cause investigation to prevent future accidents and injuries. As part of a Job Safety Analysis process, investigations and corrective actions are documented and communicated to prevent recurrence through best practice training. 

In future reports, we will provide additional transparency in injury and illness rates at our plants and other locations, including trends, goals and implementation of additional programs.

A Success Story: Marsing

In June 2018, Eric Harbin, Regional Administrator, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) visited AMVAC Marsing to recognize the plant as an OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star Worksite, the highest level of achievement in the VPP program. Marsing recertified its VPP Star status, which has been achieved since 2003, via a rigorous application and on-site evaluation process, and is one of only 14 worksites in Idaho to achieve Star status.

VPP Star status is, “OSHA’s official recognition of outstanding efforts of employers and employees who demonstrate exemplary achievement in the prevention and control of occupational safety and health hazards, and the development, implementation and continuous improvement of their safety and health management system.”

This achievement was a result of every Marsing employee’s dedication and commitment to safety and was especially noteworthy during a year that saw Marsing’s production increase by approximately 20% from 2017 to 2018.

Safely Integrating Closed Delivery and Precision Application Systems in Modern Agriculture 
For many years, AMVAC has led the industry in closed delivery system technology that feature factory-sealed containers that are transported, used and returned for reuse and recycling without being opened by the user in the field. In the case of AMVAC’s patented Lock’N Load® and SmartBox® systems, the sealed container locks into place on the planter unit and is dispensed through interlocking valves into the planter. Thus, the user/applicator is not exposed to product at point of use because he or she does not ever breach the seal and expose product to the open air. 

In addition to providing a measure of worker safety at point of use, SmartBox containers are part of a multi-row planting system, consisting of booms, cabling, meters and a computing system that enables growers to apply a single product with the benefit of GPS mapping. The grower can manually control how much is applied in the field, based upon his or her knowledge of the terrain and conditions. This technology represented an important step in the development of precision agriculture, as it gave the grower the ability to control the rate based upon a mapped location. The more precise one can be in applying crop inputs, the less the chance of over application, product residue and potential runoff.

We continue to refine the technology to automatically apply only what is needed, where it is needed with our innovative SIMPAS™ and Ultimus™ systems, currently in development. An acronym for Smart Integrated Multi-Row Precision Application System, SIMPAS will enable users to automatically apply multiple crop inputs, packaged in SmartCartridge™ containers, in multiple rows, at variable rates, as per an agronomist’s prescription. Synchronizing liquid application with seed at time of plant can cut the rate of application by 75% or more. And for added security SmartBox, Lock’N Load and SIMPAS SmartCartridge containers are factory sealed and never opened at point of use.

With a further advancement in technology, our Ultimus system will allow users to track how much and where each crop input is used and to return partially used containers to the Company for processing credits for returns. With the incentive of receiving a credit, the user is more likely to return partially used (along with fully used) containers to the Company for proper reuse, as appropriate, and represents a leap forward in stewardship of pesticide containers.