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COVID-19 Advisory: Memo to All


March 11, 2020
To: All Employees 

From: American Vanguard/Pandemic Working Group 

Re: COVID-19 (coronavirus)


As you may have read, today the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a “pandemic.” This means that the viral epidemic has met three factors: i) it can cause illness or death, ii) it has proven to be sustained by way of person-to-person transmission and iii) it has spread throughout the world. In light of the threat posed by the disease, we are forming a working group consisting of Suneet Ranagnath, Kelly Willmott, Jan Ghijsen and Tim Donnelly, to provide information and direction to our personnel. 

At this point, there are over 125,000 cases of COVID-19 world-wide in over 100 countries on every continent except Antarctica. These cases have resulted in nearly 5,000 deaths, which are disproportionately among the elderly and those with heart or lung disease, diabetes or hypertension.


COVID-19 typically presents with symptoms of a fever, coughing and shortness of breath. According to data available outside of China, 80% of those contracting the disease exhibit the symptoms of a bad cold, 15% become severely ill and 5% become critically ill.


American Vanguard has directed its entire workforce to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) website ( for travel and personal hygiene recommendations. We are also directing managers of larger offices and facilities to encourage sick employees to stay at home, to see their physician promptly with COVID-like symptoms and to report back to us as soon as possible, if they have a confirmed case of the virus. We are prepared to implement plans at these facilities to protect our employees as needed. We are monitoring this pandemic closely and will be apprising you of developments frequently. 


If you have questions on this matter, please reach out either to Kelly Willmott ( or Tim Donnelly (


Memo to All