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COVID-19 Advisory: Orange County ~ Virus’ Arrival in CA ~ How Not to Dine Out

June 9, 2020
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From: Pandemic Working Group
Re: COVID-19: Orange County ~ Virus’ Arrival in CA ~ How not to Dine Out

Orange County
This just in from Kelly Willmott – as reported today in the L.A. Times, Orange County’s chief health officer, Dr. Nichole Quick (pictured here from L.A. Times), resigned yesterday following several weeks during which she stridently defended her order requiring residents to wear cloth face coverings in public. The order, which was issued in late May, followed an uptick in both cases and hospitalizations. Nevertheless, certain residents and public officials directed their displeasure with the order at Dr. Quick personally. Since a recent Board of Supervisors’ meeting, during which an unidentified attorney read Dr. Quick’s home address into the record and threatened to rush her front yard with a mob of unmasked persons, the Orange County Sheriff has been providing her with security. The mask order remains in place and, in the words of Dr. Quick’s successor, Dr. Clayton Chau, “We have to watch and see how we do when we enter that ecosystem [of reopening] before we make any decision to downgrade the mask order.”

More on How the Virus Got to California
Also from the L.A. Times, according to a study that was just published, through a combination of epidemiology and genetic sequencing, an international team of scientists has determined that the Bay Area’s outbreak (which was the earliest known in California) came from both foreign and domestic arrivals. Through phylodynamic analysis of viral samples from 36 infected persons and relevant tracking and tracing information, experts determined that visitors arriving from both China and Europe contributed to the virus’ genesis. However, no single source of infection was apparently larger than a Grand Princess cruise ship on which an infected person who boarded the first of two sailings, transmitted the virus to dozens, who, in turn, boarded the second sailing and then proceeded to carry the virus to San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma and San Joaquin Counties and even as far away as Minnesota. This transmission quietly spread across a largely unwitting population. Early efforts in the Bay Area to contain the pandemic were largely successful. However, other affected regions did not fare as well. How not to Dine Out. As reported by from the staff of “Eat This, Not That!” (remember, that book that we gave to wellness participants some years ago that tracked calories and nutrients of similar dishes at different restaurants – anybody?), there are at least six things you can do to get kicked out of a restaurant during a pandemic. Not that you want to get kicked out, but in case you were wondering. First, not wearing a face covering – applicable law varies and some owners are more punctilious than others. They don’t expect that you wear the covering while eating, unless you order very thin items, like chips. Second, not social distancing. Look for the signs, the arrows, the tape on the floor. Go where you are led. Recently, in an effort to leave a patio-style restaurant, I followed the mysterious red tape on the floor, and it took me directly to the men’s room. So, the systems are not all perfect. Third, bringing too many friends. Not a problem for me. By the way, this is a photo of some of my friends. We all look so young – don’t you think? Fourth, smoking or vaping. You will be pleased to know that the hookah bars are in full operation on the sidewalks of Paris, but not all places will be so indulgent. Fifth, taking too long. Look, the pandemic is a strain on a restaurant, so be considerate and try not to linger over your third lemonade. Sixth, showing COVID symptoms like coughing, sneezing and sweating. Really, if you are showing any of these things, you should not be leaving the house.

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COVID-19 Advisory: Orange County ~ Virus’ Arrival in CA ~ How not to Dine Out