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COVID-19 Advisory: Los Angeles County Public Health Emergency Orders

March 27, 2020
To: All Los Angeles and Orange County-based Employees
From: Pandemic Working Group
Re: Los Angeles County Public Health Emergency Orders

Today, the Health Officer for L.A. County issued two emergency public health orders relating to COVID-19. The first relates to self-isolation requirements for persons diagnosed with, or likely to have, the virus, while the second relates to quarantine requirements for caregivers and those in close contact with such persons. While there is nothing within these orders that should affect our normal operations, it is important that you read and understand them, in case you find yourself within their scope. We will be taking these orders into account when advising HR and Safety personnel within these counties.

Self-Isolation Order – COVID Cases
Under the first order, persons who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are likely to have the virus must immediately isolate themselves in their homes (or another residence) until at least 72 hours have passed since “recovery”, which is defined as resolution of a fever without the aid of fever-reducing medication and improvement of respiratory symptoms (coughing, shortness of breath) AND at least seven days since symptoms first appeared, WHICHEVER IS LATER. For purposes of this order, “likely to have COVID-19” means either (a) having COVID-like symptoms after being in close contact with a person who had or was believed to have had COVID-19, or (b) being told by a physician that he or she is likely to have it.

In addition, such persons must review and follow the second order (described below) and inform others who live with them, are caregivers or are persons who were in close contact with them while they were symptomatic, that they need to quarantine themselves as per that second order.

Quarantine Order – Caregivers et al.
Under the second order, persons who have been in close contact with a person who has been diagnosed with, or likely to have, COVID-19 while they were symptomatic, must quarantine themselves. For purposes of this order “close contact” means being either (a) being within six feet for more than 10 minutes or (b) having unprotected, direct contact with sneezes, coughs or other secretions/excretions of such a person. All persons who know that they have been in close contact (e.g. household member, intimate partner, caregiver) must be quarantined in their homes or other residence until 14 days from the last contact with the symptomatic person.

We are attaching some helpful FAQs on both orders from the Health Officer for your reference.

If you have questions on any of these matters, please contact either Kelly Willmott ( or Tim Donnelly (

  COVID-19 Advisory: Los Angeles County Public Health Emergency Orders