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COVID-19 Advisory: Global Trend Improving ~ Los Angeles City Order ~ Mask Deliveries

April 8, 2020
To: All Employees
From: Pandemic Working Group
Re: COVID-19: Global Trend Improving ~ Los Angeles City Order ~ Mask Deliveries

Global Pandemic Curve. Courtesy of Johns Hopkins University, the table below shows the daily confirmed detections of COVID-19 on a five-day moving average among the 10 most affected countries. Note that the trend is either flat or turning downward in virtually every case, including the US (tallest peak) and France (in red), which is a good sign indeed.


City of L.A. Worker Protection Order
In an order issued last night, after calling it imperative that medical workers and first responders wear hospital grade masks (surgical or N95) for which there is a worldwide shortage, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti ordered that certain non-medical workers (described below) wear non-medical grade cloth face coverings while they do their jobs to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Employees covered by the order, in effect, cover those who deal with the public, e.g., those in grocery stores, social service providers, hardware stores, tradespeople (plumbers, electricians), restaurants, taxi and car services and hotels/motels. This order does not cover AMVAC employees when in our factories or offices. However, the order does direct the public to wear cloth face coverings when visiting businesses (such as those referenced above). Thus, while you are free to wear or not to wear cloth face coverings at work, you should use one if you visit a store or similar business in L.A.

Cloth Mask Distribution
Thanks to the efforts of Arun Malik, our Senior Director of Manufacturing, we have sourced several hundred reusable, washable, cloth masks for distribution to domestic employees at our
facilities. Those masks should be at your facility within the next day or two. In the photo to the right, you will see CFO David Johnson in a cloth mask (far right, above the arrow) photo-bombing Lucy Cooney and myself. For instructions on how to make cloth coverings, please visit and click on Coronavirus Disease, then Prevent Getting Sick, then Cloth Face Covers. On a related note, Luwei Liu, our China-based manager, has sourced several hundred medical grade masks that we will be donating to first responders in L.A. County. Thanks, Luwei for your help on this.

Finally, for your reference, we are providing an easy-to-read graphic on cloth face coverings and other general considerations for keeping a safe workplace. This pictogram is available to print and post at your facility from either Tim Donnelly ( or Lucy Cooney ( and is posted on our website under COVID Advisories.

COVID-19: Global Trend Improving ~ Los Angeles City Order ~ Mask Deliveries