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COVID-19 Advisory: Changes in Messaging/Rate of Spread/More on Masks

April 2, 2020
To: All Domestic Employees
From: Pandemic Working Group
Re: COVID-19 – Changes in Messaging/Rate of Spread/More on Masks

Messaging Takes a Turn
Yesterday, in an effort to encourage those in self-isolation to remain connected with others, California Governor Gavin Newsom dropped the use of the term “social distancing” and in its place cited the World Health Organization’s newly-coined expression “stay socially-connected, physically-distant.” Given the nature of the workplace, we would urge you to stay “productively-connected, physically-distant.”

Rate of Spread
Today, the total number of COVID-19 detections globally topped one million, the U.S. edged past 240,000, and, with 92,000 cases, New York passed China as having the fourth highest concentration in the world. The graph below, which is from the World Health Organization, depicts the relative balance of the pandemic by region. As you can see, what began in the Western Pacific has shifted disproportionately to the Americas (yellow) and Europe (orange).

On Masks 
Yesterday, Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, recommended that Angelenos wear cloth masks in public, noting as we did yesterday, that surgical masks remain in short supply to healthcare personnel. According to late-breaking reports of today, the CDC may be on the verge of making the same recommendation. Thanks to Arun Malik, AMVAC is sourcing reusable, cloth masks for use by employees, which, at this point, would be optional. We expect to receive a supply early next week and will announce a plan for delivering to our facilities shortly thereafter.

If you have questions on any of these matters, please contact either Kelly Willmott ( or Tim Donnelly (

COVID-19 Advisory: Changes in Messaging/Rate of Spread/More on Masks