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COVID-19 Advisory: COVID-19 Control Plan – Newport Office


From: Donnelly, Tim
Sent: Monday, June 22, 2020 4:51 PM
To: Newport Users
Subject: Newport Office - COVID Protocols
Attachments: Newport Beach COVID Plan 062220.pdf; TIC one page advisory 062220.pdf

Newport Office Employees
I am writing on behalf of the Pandemic Working Group to give you a heads up regarding revised COVID protocols that we are putting into place in the Newport office. I am attaching an advance copy along with a one‐page advisory from our landlord, The Irvine Company. Our revised protocols will be implemented later in the week, once we have installed the signage and sign‐in table. In a nutshell, we will be requiring a temperature self‐check and sign‐in for all employees on a daily basis as well as establishing specific protocols on such things as conference rooms and kitchens. Also, all employees will be required to sign‐out. Further, we will be training persons who are coming to the office on how to use the thermometer. Please bear in mind that these protocols will apply to all employees and permitted visitors, including employees who have been coming to the office throughout the pandemic, those who have come in from time‐to‐time and those who may be coming in the future. This is not a request for anyone to return to the office from working remotely. If and when remote employees do visit or return to the office, however, they will be expected to observe the office protocols. We will be sending you firm dates on the commencement of the implementation within the next day or two.


Timothy J. Donnelly
CAO, General Counsel & Secretary
American Vanguard Corporation
4695 MacArthur Court, Suite 1200
Newport Beach, CA 92660

June 22, 2020
Re: COVID-19: Control Plan – Newport Office
At this stage of the pandemic, with our state commencing reopening of its businesses, AMVAC remains cognizant of its responsibility to ensure the safety and health of its workforce, particularly at our premises. Accordingly, we adopt the following protocols for the Newport Beach office, effective June 22, 2020. These protocols may change from time to time, depending upon changes in pandemic curves, the health of the workforce, applicable COVID orders from governmental authorities and considerations relating to the building and/or campus. 

Controls at the Front Desk
All traffic in or out of the office should be directed past the front desk to ensure both (i) that we may account for occupants (for fire safety purposes) and (ii) that we may ensure that COVID protocols are observed. Employees (whether from this office or visiting from other sites) must do the following when coming to the office:

• Wear face covering on the way in
• Sanitize your hands at the check-in station
• Self-check your temperature with touchless device (see below) – we will sanitize the device from time to time
• If you pass the test (temperature below 100.4 degrees F), sanitize your hands and sign in with a clean pen, then place used pen in used pen container
  o The sign-in sheet will include representations to the effect that you do not have COVID-like symptoms, do not have a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, have not been exposed to a COVID-infected person within the past 14 days, and are willing to abide by the COVID protocols of the facility
• If you do not pass the temperature test (at 100.4 degrees or higher), then do not enter, but contact your manager and HR
• After passing the temperature test, you may remove your face covering in your office

Office Protocols
• Maintain a distance of six feet from others whenever possible. If you cannot help but be within six feet of others (as in hallways or other common areas) and then put on a face covering unless you are just passing by
• Keep a face covering on your person and feel free to put it on whenever you wish, and, in any case, when you find that you are present with others in a single room for an extended period of time. Please shield others from sneezing and coughing by doing so into the crook of your elbow
• In conference rooms or offices, if more than two people are present, all should wear face coverings
• In conference rooms and kitchens, no more than four persons should be present, even if wearing face coverings; in some cases the maximum capacity is lower – please abide by the signage in each room
• With the exception of delivery-persons, landlord personnel and equipment service personnel, no third-party visitors are permitted on the premises until further notice.
  o Any permitted visitors described above must first check-in with the receptionist at the front desk. In order for them to proceed beyond the front desk, such visitors will also be required to undergo and pass a temperature check, sign in (including the representations above), wear a cloth mask, sanitize their hands before proceeding further, and avoid shaking hands or hugs. Those who invite such visitors must inform visitors of these protocols.
• The company will make infection and antibody testing available free of charge to employees through a service provider to be determined

Temperature Testing
In performing the temperature self-check, before picking up the apparatus, please sanitize your hands. Your temperature will not be recorded by the company. If you present a temperature at or above 100.4 degrees, please inform HR, which, in turn, will advise you to see a health care provider and track your condition. It is permissible for HR to inquire about COVID symptoms and, as appropriate, to require COVID testing as a condition of returning to work. If necessary, HR may also inquire about persons with whom you may have come into contact at the company within the past 14 days.

Personal Health and Hygiene/Cleaning of Premises
If you are sick, do not come to the office. Rather, contact your manager and HR on the matter. We realize that not all sickness is COVID-related, but, given the risk inherent in the pandemic, we take a particular interest in ensuring that those with COVID symptoms (flu-like, fever, respiratory, loss of taste or smell) do not visit the office.

Employees are encouraged to wash their hands frequently using soap and water for at least 20 seconds
and to use hand sanitizer from time to time, particularly after coming into contact with high-touch surfaces. Also, keep your hands from your face. Further, employees are encouraged to use disinfectant and paper towels to wipe down items you have touched in the copy rooms, kitchens and conference rooms, including the handles of doors, appliances, and cabinets, and coffee and water dispensers from time to time.

Our landlord is cleaning high-touch surfaces in our bathrooms three times per day. Nevertheless, we request that you wash your hands scrupulously whenever visiting these bathrooms (or any public bathrooms). In addition, our landlord ensures us that our recirculated air is filtered through a CDCcompliant (MERV 13 rated) filter and replaced on our floor every 10 minutes, while the fresh air intake is filtered through an even higher-rated (MERV 15) filter and replaced every two hours. As a heightened measure of safety, the air on our 12th floor is circulated and treated separately from that of other floors.

Out of consideration for those who are seated in open cubicles, please do not congregate in hallways and hold discussions that do not involve those persons.

Irvine Company and Regional Requirements
Finally, please abide by the social distancing requirements of The Irvine Company and regional agencies (of which we will keep you apprised), including standing in a queue if necessary before proceeding to the elevator bank, wearing a face covering in the parking garage and upon entering building, keeping proper distance in the elevators and otherwise observing Irvine Company signage (as it may change from time to time).

Questions or Concerns
Please contact any member of the Pandemic Working Group with questions or concerns: Tim Donnelly (, Kelly Willmott ( or Suneet Ranganath (

COVID-19 Advisory: COVID-19 Control Plan – Newport Office