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COVID-19 Advisory: Domestic Update

March 16, 2020
To: All Domestic Employees
From: Pandemic Working Group
Re: COVID-19 – March 16, 2020 Domestic Update

As this pandemic continues, we are working to keep our workforce safe and healthy, while continuing our business in the midst of unfolding laws and conditions in many areas. Thank you for your patience and cooperation in these matters. We believe that, by working together, we can minimize disruption and misunderstandings, while optimizing our time and resources. Also, we will be posting this update and all other COVID-19 advisories on our website at for ease of reference.

All Personnel
• If you are sick or exposed, stay home, contact HR & your supervisor
• If you are sick with flu-like symptoms, stay home. Do not plan on returning to work until you are fully recovered.
• If you have been exposed to someone who has flu-like symptoms, stay home. If you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, then please self-quarantine for at least 14 days after your last contact with that person and be sure to call HR and your supervisor.

Domestic Operations/Attendance & Working Remotely
A. OfficePersonnel.
As of today, there are no site closures for domestic AMVAC offices (Newport Beach, Envance/Tyratech, OHP, Collierville and GemChem). Effective Monday, March 16, all office employees in the US who wish to work from home may do so, provided that they first confer with their manager to ensure that such work can be done remotely. It is up to your manager to provide you with his or her expectations on working remotely, including log-in times, availability by cell phone, activity logs and the like. If you are going to work remotely, we urge you to download the RingCentral app, so that calls made from your cell phone will be identified with your work number.

B. Manufacturing & LabPersonnel
The company is attempting to maintain continuity of its manufacturing and laboratory operations. Effective today, however, we are discontinuing all non-essential contractors from these premises. In addition, our plant and lab managers are identifying contingency plans to determine which functions are considered to be essential depending upon different scenarios – full operation, reduced shifts, partial operation and the like. For the near term, unless directed otherwise, all plant and lab employees should continue to report to work as usual, subject, of course to your own health and the health of others to whom you have been exposed. To the extent that the demands of personal circumstances could be better accommodated by scheduling changes or flex-time, we urge employees to consult with their managers on the possibility of such arrangements. As in the case of office facilities, with respect to our plants and lab facilities, we are implementing measures to enhance social distancing in working areas and to maintain greater housekeeping in common areas, such as break rooms.

Child care and other leaves of absence
If you need to stay at home to care for children (due to school closures) and can work remotely, then confer with your manager to discuss a schedule that could meet your needs. Second, if you cannot work remotely (because of the nature of your responsibilities or the demands of childcare), or elect not to do so because of having a higher risk profile (i.e., over age 65 or having heart disease, lung disease, diabetes or hypertension), then contact HR, and you may go on a COVID Leave, which will have the same attributes of an FMLA leave, in that you will work through sick days first, then vacation, after which the leave will be unpaid. The company will, however, keep your position for a period of at least 12 weeks, pending your return.

We are following federal legislation that may provide funding for childcare required by the COVID pandemic and will give you further details as the bills are finalized. If federal relief is not applicable for childcare expenses, then the company is willing to contribute toward the cost of childcare on a case-by-case basis through HR.

Effective today, there will be no third-party visitors at our offices, unless they are essential to the operations and their visit has been approved by the highest-ranking officer present in the office. At the plants and laboratories, visitors should be limited to those that are essential and should be sequestered in areas with limited contact to AMVAC personnel.

Meeting Face-to-face with Third Parties
You should limit face-to-face meetings with third parties, unless it is essential to your job responsibilities (as, for example, with respect to sales calls). However, before traveling to any location for a face-to-face meeting, you should first call the party to find out their meeting rules (which vary widely from company to company). In any event, hold telephonic or app-based meetings wherever possible.

Updated Travel Restrictions
All air travel, whether domestic or international, is discontinued unless it is essential to your job responsibilities and you have first obtained the approval of the Vice President of your function. Any VP who receives a travel request must contact the Pandemic Working Group before authorizing a trip. Any VP who wishes to travel by air should contact his or her immediate superior for permission.

If you have questions on any of these matters, please contact either Kelly Willmott ( or Tim Donnelly (